The AI Developer Cloud Platform

Start notebooks, launch training jobs, serve scalable models, and much more. All powered by your private cloud infrastructure.

No code changes needed.

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Supercharge your cloud infrastructure

Connect your cloud account(s) and start building your large models faster than ever

Job Launching

Serverless job launching with a simple CLI

Spot Instances

Up to 6x cost savings with built-in interruption recovery

GPU Availability

Get the cheapest available GPUs across all your clouds/regions


Just pick a GPU and start coding

Model Serving

Serve scalable models that can scale down to zero

LLM Chat

Serve your LLMs and chat with them in the  dashboard

Start Training in Minutes

Kick off a training job in record time with an easy-to-use CLI. When your job completes, your instances will be automatically terminated.

Never pay for idle instances ever again.

> komo job launch train.yml
Launching instance
Setting up environment
Job started successfully
Found 4 GPUs
Epoch 1: Loss=131.4938
Epoch 99: Loss=0.2196
Training complete!
> komo service launch llama3-8b.yaml
Waiting for service to start...
Service is now live at

Infinitely Scalable Models

Bring your own framework (vLLM, torchserve, FastAPI, ...) and serve models that scale up with traffic, and scale down to zero when not in use.

Expose your models to the public or keep them private within your account.

Multi-Cloud Pricing

Connect multiple cloud providers to get the best prices available. When you create a notebook, launch a job, or serve a model, Komodo will search all of your cloud providers across all regions for the cheapest GPUs available that meet your needs.

Native support for spot instances gets you up to 6x cost savings, and built-in interruption recovery ensures your job continues on a new machine if the spot instance is preempted.*

Avoid vendor lock-in and never pay more than you need to.

* Coming soon